On Fire

She was on fire inside, but her limbs were bound with fatigue. Her heart burned and her lungs seized up. Every part of her mind wanted to escape, to do something to relieve the pain. But she could barely move. She sat up, gasping for breath. Her eyes darted around the room.

What was happening? What had triggered this? One moment was peace, and now her body felt like it was breaking apart. Her vision shook and the sun outside the window dimmed. She wondered: is this what it’s like to die? Has this been my last day? What a waste.

A cracking sound shattered the air. She was sure her eardrums must have burst, the noise was so painful.

And now it was gone. The world was quiet. The sun was bright. Her heart returned to its normal, placid thumping rhythm. She put her fingers to her ears, but there was no blood.

There should have been. It would have made more sense.