That first morning, my brain was numb and full of cobwebs. I had slept all through the night, but it was if I hadn’t slept for days. I wasn’t tired though, not precisely. Someone had just taken sandpaper to the inside of my skull and forgotten to clean up after themselves.

Naturally, that was the first day of midterms. Math and English, if I remember correctly. I hadn’t been worried about them before. When I woke up that morning, though, I could barely even imagine going into school, let alone facing exams. Nothing for it, though. Get up. Brush the hair and teeth. Throw down some food. There was work to be done.

It would have been nice if that attitude was all it took. I only scraped by with low B’s. Virtually failure in my book back then. It’s funny how our priorities change over the years.

The numbness only lasted moments now. The wall collapsing before me was much more satisfying than acing an exam.