Reggie’s Wine

Reggie took the wine glass and sipped it. He leaned back in satisfaction. Everything was turning out as planned. They’d have the girl back in short order. The boss would be happy. Nobody would ever need to know about the slip up.

“Um… sir,” a voice said from behind. It sounded like that obnoxious sycophant from down the hall. Billy or something like that. “We have a problem.”

Reggie turned his chair from his view out the window and pinned Billy down with a glare. “I don’t want to hear about problems. What’s your solution?”

“Ops doesn’t have one, sir. Their team has gone silent,” Billy said. He shrunk down, one foot still in the hallway. “All of them.”

Reggie swallowed the rest of the glass in one gulp. It wouldn’t be professional to throw the glass across the room. But he considered it.