Before the Show

Aurora clicked a few candids while the techs finished setting up on the tiny stage. The lighting in here was crap, but she could work with it. The forerunners of a small audience started to filter in through the doors. She kept to the back wall, camera clacking away. As she came around the side of the stage, she saw behind the backdrop curtain. A familiar figure and a familiar face.

Isabella was mostly made up for her performance, her eyelids sparkling blue, her hair up in complicated braids. Even more gorgeous than usual. She held her violin casually at her side, an electric blue to match her theme.

The camera snapped on an unguarded moment as Isabella peeked around the curtain with a small smile. Then her gaze landed on Aurora and the smile widened.

Aurora flushed hot across her cheeks and froze for a moment. She felt guilty, as if caught in a voyeuristic act. Which she was, in a way, except Isabella had asked her to be here.