Aurora had experienced quite a few different cultures since she’d been working for the Council. Some of them were almost incomprehensibly alien. Even though humans or human-like creatures were surprisingly common among the Worlds, they all had evolved some extreme variances in how they lived their lives. Aurora had started taking it all in stride. Council free agents had to act as diplomats, after all.

She wasn’t sure if she could get used to walking through the streets completely naked, though.

This world – Galavaria – had an extremely strict taboo against covering oneself in public. The briefing Raeth had given her hadn’t gone into why. Undoubtedly there was some reason buried deep in the world’s history. The fact that it was blazing hot here didn’t hurt either.

So here she was, first day on Galavaria, in the capital city of some country or another. She wasn’t supposed to be here long, hence the sparsity of detail. In and out, a few hours by Dawning time. Ratio would make that about a day here, Raeth had said. Of course, there’s no telling how long a “day” was.

It was funny, all the things she’d been learning to accept traveling between the Worlds. One day, she might even take the whole naked thing as just another day at the office.