“Avaunt, miscreant!” the stranger cried, as relayed through Aurora’s mechanical companion.

Aurora cocked an eyebrow at the little construct of gem and metal. “Seriously, J? That’s the best translation you could do?” Jauleth chirped a few times, sounding suspiciously like it was laughing. Aurora sighed and turned back to size up her would-be assailant.

He was dressed in rags and riding on one of the stilt-legged things that passed for horses here. In his hand was a slab of metal that could charitably be called a sword. Aurora considered trying to look intimidated, but her smirk refused to go away. She decided to opt for the diplomacy tactic first.

“You’re interfering with Council business, my friend,” she said, waiting as Jauleth translated into the whirrs and clicks of the local tongue.

“I shan’t recognize the authority of your Council, miscreant!” he shouted back. “Hand over your belongings, or I shall take your life!”

“It’s not important to me that you recognize any sort of authority,” Aurora replied. “But I seriously think you should recognize its power.” She raised a hand, letting down her barriers just enough to make the air ripple. Showy and a lot harder to pull of than it looked. That core part of her yearned to destroy something, not just vibrate a few molecules. Fortunately for the stranger, he wasn’t worth it.