Galavaria, Weeks Later

So, apparently she wouldn’t just get used to it. She’d grown to love it. Walking around in Galavaria for the last few weeks had been a remarkably freeing experience. Living in a culture where nudity was accepted and expected was a very different one than anything she’d encountered anywhere else, least of all back home on Earth. Nobody had ever made a single comment about her body, even the obvious differences that set her apart from the natives.

Galavaria was freeing in more than just culture. Being of the blinding-white skin persuasion herself, Aurora had avoided exposing any of herself to the sun when growing up. Here, though – well, it turned out sunburn wasn’t actually a thing. They didn’t even have a word for it. Different sun, different atmosphere, maybe just entirely different physics in which UV didn’t exist. Any way, she’d take it.

Mosquitoes? Not a single biting or stinging insect to be found anywhere. It was no wonder these people had never developed an attachment to clothes. If a nudist was trying to design a planet, it would be pretty darn close to Galavaria.

Of course, it was still way too freaking hot. Every place had to have its down side.