Something Wrong

Something was wrong. Aurora’s hands shook like they hadn’t in years. Not since the first days of her training, when she first learned what Source-forming was. She could feel the built-up pressure inside her, straining like overly full lungs. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths.

It just wouldn’t come.

A chill shot through Aurora’s spine. She realized that she was terrified of what might happen. After the incident in Kayval… she hadn’t been able to control it then. It was as if seven years of careful discipline and learning had gone out the window.

She was a teenager again. Scared of the ebb and flow of the Source drifting through her awareness. Feeling like she could explode at any moment. Holding it in. Blocking everything out.

The old nausea returned. Her vision blurred. She felt a sharp pain in her knees and realized she had fallen to to the ground.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Get it under control.

The panic passed soon enough. But what would happen if she tried again? What if her ‘gift’ had finally grown beyond her?