Familiar Ache

It was a familiar ache. I’d been practicing too long. Again. Long holiday weekends made that too easy. Having a free day to just indulge in the music… it was way too rare these days. I enjoy teaching. I really do. My students are awesome. Plus, you know, it pays the bills, something I don’t expect to come out of my concerts any time soon.

Just playing at home though, no audience, nothing I’m trying to demonstrate or teach. That’s what got me into the violin in the first place, twenty some years ago. It’s good to remember that the spark is still there. That I can still get lost in a piece, spending hours tweaking and refining it until you could barely make out the original notes on the page underneath the pencil marks.

I always held myself too stiffly when I was composing, though. My fingers and back ache after a few hours. I’ve played longer concerts without an issue, but during concerts I’m moving, dancing. It just never occurs to me to do those things without an audience.

I wish Aurora was here to watch me. She’s been gone for months this time, and I never know when she’ll be back. She always loved seeing me dance.