“She’s a cursed danger, Raeth!” Icturata Tass yelled. The Councilor was pacing back and forth, gesticulating.

“She’s a scared young girl,” Raeth replied. “Who doesn’t know what’s happening. Just like we don’t know what’s happening.”

“There’s no question in my mind,” Tass said, “that her power – already dangerous and unbalanced, mind you – is quickly getting out of our ability to predict or understand, let alone teach her about it.”

“We’ll figure it out, Tass. She’s back on Earth. The ripples have calmed down.”

“For now! I haven’t seen a quake of that magnitude since Gatrama,” Tass said. He stopped his pacing and pointed at Raeth. “You think you’d be more worried.”

Raeth took a deep breath and looked out the window. “This was a lot quieter than Gatrama,” he said.

“What if she Breaks another hole? If Earth destabilized when she did it three ‘Ways afar…” The pacing resumed.

People had started gathering in the atrium, drawn by the sound of discord. It wasn’t an unusual sound in the Council halls. The gathering showed how tense everyone must be. Losing another world was unthinkable.

“Aurora should have been locked down and dealt with a long time ago, Raeth,” Tass said. “You can be sure that I’ll see it done.”