Moebius Cascade

“Moebius cascade online,” said a metallic voice, ringing through the empty hallway.

“Hi, Moe,” Jackson said. He rubbed his eyes wearily. Another sixteen hour reboot cycle. What had happened this time?

“Operating at optimal conditions,” the voice continued. “Sensor check in progress.”

“Let me know when the new count is in.” A few minutes passed, during which Jackson replenished his cup of coffee. Supplies were running low already, but he couldn’t function without it.

“Fragment count at five billion, seven hundred million, two thousand, fifty three,” Moe finally replied. “Increase from last count of – ”

“About five-hundred percent,” Jackson said, not waiting for the more precise answer. “Don’t bother with the extrapolated expansion rate. I can figure it out.” The Moebius Cascade computer remained dutifully silent.

It had been surprisingly easy to break the world. All it took was a few code bugs, an energy surge, and some really bad timing. Putting it back together again was proving to be a much bigger challenge.