Costumes of Ri

“Seriously? Everyone” Aurora asked. She turned the fuzzy-eared hat over in her hands.

“Everyone in this part of the world, anyway,” Raeth replied. “Ri is about 60% larger than Earth, so there’s a lot of space for variety.” Raeth had already donned the rest of his costume. His hat had long, floppy ears that drooped past his shoulders.

Aurora finished up tying on her hat. “I’m sure there’s a great story to how this tradition evolved.”

“I’m sure there is. I’ve just never heard it.”

“What? You always find out about this sort of thing. Or J does.”

“Nobody wants to talk about it,” Raeth said. He pushed open the door to the plaza, holding it as Aurora walked out. “Nothing is written down anywhere. It’s like there is some huge taboo.”

Aurora stared out at the marketplace. Everywhere she looked, the people were in costume. Every one was different. It was like Halloween, but apparently on Ri, this was everyday dress. As some of the fancier folks walked by, Aurora looked down at her own costume, shabbily modeled after a fox. Shouldn’t a Council member be afforded some leeway here?