Rainy Days

The sky rolled with thunder. Rain poured down, as it had continuously for three days. Lily sighed, staring out from the house’s lone window. It was good for the crops. Less so for the half dozen children stuck inside all day.

Lily was the oldest of the six, having reached the grand age of thirteen this previous spring. That meant that it was her job to mind them while their parents minded the animals and shored up the levees with the rest of the town. At any given time, two of the children were napping. If she was lucky.

She could barely tell the time of day through the thick clouds, but it felt like that between-time right before dinner. The others were well-napped and restless. As a result, the cat could not catch a moment’s peace. Lily savored the minute or so she expected to have to herself. She wondered how long it would last this time.

“Lily! Caber is pulling my hair again!” Sherry yelled from across the room.

There it was. Time to get back to it.