“Today is the day,” Kelly said. She threw open the balcony door with a dramatic flourish.

“For what?” Michael asked. He squinted in the light of the rising sun. He then promptly pulled the blanket over his head.

“Today we’re going to win that contract,” Kelly replied. “I can feel it.”

“Isn’t that what you said yesterday?” Michael’s voice came out muffled from beneath the pile of comforters. “Also, it’s cold out. Could you close the door?”

“Well, yesterday had some ridiculous setbacks beyond our control. Who would have guessed that mammoth farmer would be coming down from the hills?”

“Mammoths are a lot more in demand than geese, Kelly. Even dire geese. Not to mention, they’re less prone to biting”

“We just need to find the right outlet! Nothing can match those feathers! The nobles will go crazy for them once we get them in the hands of a clothier with some imagination.”

Michael’s sigh was barely audible from inside his cloth enclosure. “The best clothiers don’t wake up until noon, anyway, Lily. Can we get some breakfast before talking work again?”