Abandoned Halls

Aurora swept the flashlight around the hallway. She wished, not for the first time, she could just conjure up light like Raeth could. A small spot of light in a dark, long-abandoned building brought to mind way too many horror movies. She’d been places that could put those to shame, but still. Childhood conditioning was a hard thing to put away.

This place definitely wasn’t right. At first, Aurora couldn’t tell why. It was quiet and dark. A layer of dust had settled over everything. No sign that anyone had been here since she and Raeth had shut the place down for good.

She realized, then, that it was still to clean. All of the equipment had been methodically removed. Aurora searched room to room, finding each one empty of even a scrap of paper. Her mother had said Chromorphia had abandoned the place completely after the “incident”. She had said it was sealed up and nobody was allowed back in. Certainly, the state of the seals on the door suggested that.

So who had been here? And why had they been so very thorough in scraping up the remains of the research?

Aurora moved on to the area she thought of fondly as the “blast zone”. Maybe there was more to find there.