Bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED! They had been on this cruise ship for freakin’ ever. “It’ll be so much fun,” they said. “There will be plenty of kids your age,” they said. All so they could justify dragging her along as they showed off their overpriced asses all over the Caribbean.

Helen had lost track of how many little, no-name islands they’d dropped off. They all looked the same. Yet every single one, her moms just had to get off and tour, and “mingle with the natives”, and buy some kitschy souvenir. By now, their collection could justify renting its own room!

The ship was out at sea again, for a day at least. Nothing to look at but the sun and the sky. Helen’s moms were probably out sunbathing like always. They didn’t even like talking out on the deck, or reading, or anything. And, of course, Helen was forbidden from going off on her own or doing anything remotely interesting.

She sat up sharply in her bunk and shoved on her sandals. Today that was going to change. They wouldn’t even notice her being gone, anyway.