“The check cleared!” Abigail shrieked. She jumped up and down in place, her braids swinging around wildly.

“That’s awesome!” Craig said. He moved up behind to embrace her. “I’m so proud of you. You deserve every bit of it.” She wriggled in his arms to turn and face him.

“We need to celebrate. What’s the biggest, fanciest restaurant in town? Who all can we invite?” She started bouncing again, dragging Craig along with her.

He couldn’t help smiling back at her, just as widely as her own. “Maybe just the two of us for tonight. We can plan something for the weekend with friends. Is that okay?”

“Okay! I’m going to go pick out a dress!” She broke free and ran the bedroom, stripping off her shirt on the way. “Or should I buy a new one? Do you mind if we go shopping?”

Craig followed along, undressing himself and starting to plan a suit from his limited wardrobe. “We can do anything you want, tonight, Gail. It’s your night.”

Suddenly, there was a bed. Abigail had tackled him from the side and bounced next to him. She had apparently only decided to get past the removal stage with her clothes. She started helping with his. “Dinner time isn’t for a few hours yet.”