Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to write today. It’s the first time that’s happened since this project started. I had, in fact, gotten ready for bed and was already trying to get to sleep. As my mind is wont to do, I reviewed the day.

It was spent primarily on the computer, playing World of Warcraft. And when I say “primarily” I mean that I mostly skipped lunch and entirely forgot about dinner until almost 9 pm. I get obsessed with things sometimes.

I’m a little worried about what this means. Is it a one-time fluke, brought about my distractions of various sorts over the last few days? Or is it a sign that this project is just going to trickle away into apathy like so many have before.

So here it is, quarter to 11, and my sleep medication is weighing on my eyelids. But I made myself write anyway. My photo today is something of a cheat, as it was actually taken a few days ago. I just don’t feel up to getting dressed and figuring out a photo. But writing I can do with little prep, even if it is just a stream of consciousness from a half-asleep mind.

Life gets busy sometimes and it’s easy to let things slip. That’s not really an excuse I have for today, though. I do have to figure out eventually how I’ll work with travel and vacations, though. A concern for another time.