I went to war today.

I didn’t, y’know, actually fight or anything. I’d just always wondered what one looked like, so I dropped by. I brought a blanket, a little picnic lunch, and sat down on a grassy hill near a picturesque battlefield.

I did cheat a little. There wasn’t actually a hill with a good view, so I made one. That threw a damper on the fighting for a bit. I am forgetful sometimes. I had to wipe all their memories and mask the hill from sight before they’d get back to what they were doing.

It was a good afternoon’s entertainment. Lots of colors, loud noises, people shouting at each other. I also hadn’t expected such a variety of wildlife! Critters great and small came out to sustain themselves on whatever was left behind by the warriors as they went from Point A to Point B. (I’m sure they had proper names for all that, but who could make it out through all the noise?)

A raven came along toward the end of the day. We chatted a bit. He’d seen quite a few of these fights himself, he said. As long as you stayed clear of the projectiles, they were easy work for days worth of food. I took his word for it. We didn’t agree on some of the finer points of cuisine.

I may head north tomorrow and have a look there. Henry (the raven) said there was a city under siege up there. All sorts of famine and some burgeoning pestilence. Not as many explosions, but I figure it’s worth a look.

I do hope this lasts. It’s the most entertainment I’ve had in ages.