Plan B

Blast it all to Hell! This was not how this was supposed to go. Every little step had been planned out. Kaley was in place. The guards were distracted by the mob outside. The flares had gone off from the towers, so everything was set upstairs. But where in the blasted halls of perdition was Orick?

Kaley shook her head and tried to figure out the next move. They had maybe five minutes before the guards came back. Hopefully Orick was just being delayed by… something. Something not major. Maybe. But Kaley couldn’t rely on that. She had to improvise.

This is what Master Reynold had meant about having backup plans for the backup plans. Unfortunately, Kaley had never really paid attention to that part. She always figured she could wing it, if it came to that. Well, it was coming to that, and her usually quick-witted mind was frozen. Every idea she came up with still involved Orick somewhere on the line. For all Kaley knew, he was dead or injured somewhere.

Damn it.

She pulled out the contact pendant for Sam, who hopefully was still waiting on the towers above. If Orick had only been able to smuggle one past the Reapers at the entrance… Kaley shook her head and focused.

“Sam, we need a plan B, and fast,” Kaley said through the pendant. “What are the chances we can take down a Reaper?”