Off the Road

A shriek of brakes erupted from behind them. Kendra almost pulled off into the shoulder as the truck bore down on them. She was glad she didn’t. The truck swerved off at the last second. Rattling and crunching sounds replaced the squeals as it plowed headfirst into the trees.

“Stop!” Janos shouted, redundantly. Kendra had already turned her blinkers on and slowed her way into the shoulder. They had barely come to a halt when he yanked open the side door and ran off. A single, flickering tail-light led them to where the truck had finally collided with a large oak.

“Is everyone okay?” Kendra yelled, trying to make herself heard over the highway traffic and increasing downpour of rain. “Is there anyone hurt, Janos?” She saw the light of his smartphone’s flashlight flickering back and forth over the steaming wreck. A moment later, he came back to her. His face was pale.

“There’s nobody in there,” he whispered.