The rain continued to pour down in sheets. Lisbeth curled her sodden cloak tighter around her and watched the water slowly creep up inside the small cave. It should have stopped by now. She’d lost track of how many hours the water had been sluicing across the cave entrance. This was no ordinary storm. The nearby river was no doubt overflowing its banks.

It had only been a matter of time before the water reached her hiding place.

Lisbeth thought of how the day could have gone differently. If she hadn’t gotten into that fight with Josh. If she hadn’t stomped out of the house like a little teenage brat. If she hadn’t ignored the strong winds and the clouds on the horizon. So many things led to where she was now.

It was easy, in hindsight. That’s what made someone an adult eventually, she guessed. Make enough mistakes and remember how not to make them the next time. That’s assuming you survive the mistakes you make.

It wasn’t fair. A temper tantrum had no right to lead to a fate like this. All she could do now is hope that Josh hadn’t come looking for her. He wouldn’t have any luck and he’d likely drown trying.

Lisbeth’s eyes drooped despite herself. Her fingers were blue and her teeth chattered. She stared out into the rain and waited to die.