Fairchild’s Escape

“Place your badge, watch, and knife on the desk, Fairchild,” Commander Harrison said. His tone was flat, but his face was a mask of barely-contained anger. “You’re done here.”

Captain Simon Fairchild grinned with full teeth. “Now, Commander, I’m sure – “

“I said,” Harrison interrupted, allowing his voice to raise. “We are done here.”

Fairchild sighed melodramatically. “It has been a pleasure working here, Commander. It is a shame we’ll be parting ways in such a manner.” He pulled out his Watch and let it dangle on the chain between his fingers. “You, my lovely. Well… I don’t think we’ll be separated just yet.” He winked at Harrison.

“What’s that?” Harrison jumped from his desk. Too late. Fairchild had flipped the Watch into his hand and activated it.

A familiar flash and deep thump burst through the room. When Harrison could see again, the former captain was gone.

Rogue, as he should have expected. The man had been a closet smuggler and now he was loose in God-knew-when. Harrison shook his head. He should have seen this coming. Too much faith in people, that was his problem. That was probably why he’d let Fairchild on the force to begin with.