Isabella squeed. She was a little embarrassed by that fact, but there wasn’t really any other way to put it. Aurora was coming to the show tonight!

Which was a ridiculous thing to get all excited about. She’d agreed to take pictures, is all. Aurora would probably come, take a few shots, and be on her way before the show was over.

But Isabella couldn’t wait to show off for her! They only knew each other at school. School was never Isabella’s place to shine. Everyone there called her ‘icy’ for different reasons. And well-deserved ones, she guessed. Everybody expected her to be this perfect princess. Maybe because of how she looked. Maybe because all the boys fawned on her and they couldn’t imagine it being for any other reason.

And she loved her audience at the shows, she really did. But she didn’t really know any of them. To them, she was just as distance and unapproachable as her in-school persona. This persona was more of her choosing, at least, which made it much more tolerable. There was a little bit of overlap, but Isabella played her shows out of town for a reason.

It was a big, big deal to be sharing this part of her life with someone she’d known for so long. She couldn’t wait!