Beta’s Lazy Day

“You’ve been on that box all day, Beta,” Henry said. He spoke gently as he rested against the door frame. “Don’t you think you should take a break?”

Beta never looked away from the screen, her eyes still tracking the game. “It’s awful out and the garden’s under repair anyway. And Leopold is on vacation. And,” she looked away for a moment to glare at Henry, “I’ve read all the books you’ve brought me.”

Henry smiled easily and shrugged. His nerves were betrayed by the way he was constantly tugging as his scrubs to keep them straight. “Just a thought. Far be it from me to dictate your day.” He straightened up and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Beta said. She logged out and spun her chair around. “You’re probably right. My eyes are getting pretty tired. I’d wipe on the next boss, anyway.” She sighed and pushed herself up. Her legs complained at the sudden command to move. “What time is it?”

“A little after three. You missed lunch.”

Beta yawned and stretched, her shoulders popping. “Any chance of a snack?”

“Of course, love,” Henry replied. “Want to eat in the study? We could catch up on the news.”

Beta stuck out her tongue. “News is boring. Why don’t we talk about something for once? Like you! We never talk about you!”