Last Great Hero

“He was a hero, you know,” Sir Jervis said. “One of the last, great ones the world had ever known.”

“We’ve all heard the stories,” whispered his squire, Martin. “How many of them are true?”

“Oh, they’re all true, in one form or another,” Jarvis replied. “Some have seen some exaggeration, but everything I’ve heard has the basis in truth.”

“Even the giant of Algrithia?”

“Even that. I think it was only ten feet tall, the way he told it, but still a mighty feat indeed.”

They were both silent for a moment, staring at the body lying in its casket.

“When do you think he’ll be back?”

“Probably next week, I imagine. He could use a break.”

“Any way he could hurry up? The guys and I have a bet going.”

Jervis glared at Martin with disapproval. But his lips curled up in a slight smile. He remembered being that young.