On the Park Bench Again

Isabella laid her head on Aurora’s shoulder. “I’m really glad we met.”

“Even with everything?” Aurora replied, leaning her own head against Isabella’s.

“Even with everything. Even with the craziness, and the explosions, and the being gone for random splotches of time, and the having to be really careful when you -”

Aurora laughed and threw an arm around her girlfriend, pulling her close. “I did replace that mattress for you.”

“Actually, I think it was Raeth. After ensuring the remains weren’t radioactive anymore.”

“Right, that.” Aurora smiled and stared off at the water It really was like nothing had changed in the past ten years. Here they were, laughing on a bench by the lake as the sun set.

They were silent for a few minutes. The comfortable sort, that neither felt the need to break.

“I’m glad, too, you know,” Aurora said. “Maybe this time I won’t leave.”

Isabella looked up sharply. “Is that really an option?”

“Probably not. But for the moment, you’re stuck with me.”