Good Run, Part 2

Aurora was the first to break the silence. “There is another option, you know.” She felt Isabella’s hand twitch in hers. “If we’ve really given up on all hope.”

“Aura,” Isabella said. “You said you wouldn’t. That it’s too dangerous. It could harm Earth, maybe the whole Web.”

“Maybe it could. Or maybe it was just a fluke before. The Council never gave me a chance to find out.”

“Are you sure you can control it?” Isabella coughed. “I mean, not that I look forward to dying slowly of starvation…”

Aurora choked back a laugh that was dangerously close to a sob. “Sure? I’m not sure of anything anymore! The Council betrayed me, Raeth is missing, my power is more of a torment now than when it first came out!”

Echoes filled the cavern, then abated into nothing.

“I trust you,” Isabella whispered into the silence.

“And I love you,” Aurora replied. Then she let the walls down.