Party Time, Part 2

The wind was cool out on the balcony. The thumping of the music inside was deadened enough by the glass to speak without yelling. Only one other couple was out here taking advantage of that, and they were too involved with each other to notice as Megan and “Luke” came out. Megan stared at them a moment, her lips twisted into a smile. She looked away before Luke noticed.

“Are you at these parties a lot, Luke?” Megan said, playing up her accent. “You seem like a party sort of guy.”

The jock puffed himself up. “Yeah, I get invited all around. Have to pick and choose. Lucky for you I picked here tonight.”

Megan glanced downward and – honestly – shuffled her foot back and forth. Luke grinned. God, people were easy.

As the moon peeked out from behind a cloud, Megan stared up into Luke’s disoriented face. She leaned against the railing, her lips parted in invitation. “Lucky me,” she said.

Luke wasn’t so far gone as to not pick up on those cues. He dove into kiss her, suddenly all hands and tongue and dank breath.

Megan let him sink into it and began to feed.