Not the Best Plan

I wasn’t sure this was the best plan. Actually, I was pretty damn sure it was the opposite. But it was all we had, and I was out of time. Harry was dying. We had to get the sphere back or he had no chance.

“Okay, everyone,” I said. “We’ve got about six hours before… well, before things get really bad. As best we can tell, the manasphere is being kept in the castle. Presumably the lord’s vault. We need to break in. We have no time to prepare. Any thoughts?”

Everyone spent several seconds staring at each other. Nobody spoke.

Finally, little Grey rose his hand from the corner of the room. I nodded at him.

“There’s a sewer, right?” he said. “My gang and I used to run through them all the time. Never been to the castle’s, but there’s gotta be one, right?” Grey looked around at the rest of us, obviously for reassurance.

Nobody else reacted, so I replied. “It’s a good start, Grey. I’m sure there are some guards, maybe some wards, but I can’t imagine they put their best and brightest down there.” I looked over to Yep. “Yep – do you have any sewer maps? Even old ones?”

The old man nodded slowly. “I’ve got some. Not sure how good they are.”

“Alright,” I said. “Get them. We need to move.”