Not the Best Plan, Part 2

I swear the guards must have all had nose-clips or bad colds. Stealthy as we were, I couldn’t imagine them not noticing the sewer stench we brought with us when we first broke into the lower halls. Proper protocol would have been to change into well-sealed backup clothes. Of course, proper protocol had gone out the window hours ago.

I motioned to the others to hold back as I counted the patrol. Fairly light. But then, they weren’t expecting anyone to come up from this way. It’s a testament to the thoroughness of their captain that there was anyone down here at all.

“Five,” I whispered to Kaxis. The mage nodded and dug through the pouch at his hip. The group covered their mouths as he blew some concoction down the hall. The guards each silently slumped to the ground. I nodded and motioned for the rest to follow me out.

Fortunately, the maps we had of the castle itself were much better than the sewers. I directed each agent down different halls in turn, trusting them to know their parts. Such as they were, anyway. If I couldn’t trust them to improvise, I wouldn’t have brought them with me.

I wondered how many of them I’d see again.