On Summoning

“Conjuration 101,” Rebecca said. “Never summon anything bigger than your head.” She offered her hand to help the student from the floor. The man looked chagrined as he dusted himself off and sat back at his desk. “They are much less likely to try to eat you that way.”

Rebecca looked around at the small class and nodded to Archie, who was naturally raising his hand again.

“What about the grand summonings we always hear about, though?” Archie asked. “Those are way bigger than peoples’ heads.”

Rebecca grinned, having expected the question. “Well, given the egos of the people involved, that point may be debatable.” She winked and returned to the front of the room. “What you hear about there isn’t technically a summoning. It’s actually called a binding, or a contract. The being being called upon, often a dragon, is fulfilling a bargain. They are a more equal partner in the rite. Thus, they have significantly less motivation to eat the summoner.”

She looked around the room to gauge the response. Most were looking her way. Marty was doodling again. “Not that it hasn’t happened. Usually when the summoner forgot to hold up their end of the bargain – or worse, tried to deceive them. Which brings me to another point.”

“Never think you’re smarter than what you summon.”