On Summoning, Part 2

Something else to note. Never summon while drunk. Or tipsy. Really, alcohol and summoning should be avoided at pretty much any cost. Fortunately, this was not something Rebecca had ever needed to put to the test before.

Unfortunately, a rogue dragon attack after a night at the bar was not something she had expected to deal with.

She looked to her compatriot, Master Gaelberg. He was even more out of it than she was. Currently leaning against a lamppost and struggling to keep down his dinner.

The bar was burning. So was the department store next to it. The drake flying above didn’t seem in any hurry to stop burning things.

Rebecca steadied her thoughts. The ground blurred and wove around her, but she could still feel the core focus of her being. She could still concentrate inside, which was all she needed.

Jaequerioth, she called into the aether. I need you.

Rebecca stumbled to her knees and planted her palm to the ground, channeling energy from the earth. Above her, a familiar screech said she had succeeded in the contact.

She did not know what she would have to pay, but for now the city would be safe.