Hall Duty, Part 2

“Aloysius!” called the familiar voice of his master. The Grand Magus called Jake by a different name every day. Jake wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or just part of the morass that the wizard had in place of his sanity. Long ago, Jake had learned to just answer to anything. To be on the safe side.

“Yes, boss?” he replied. He didn’t direct it anywhere in particular. Here in the palace, the Magus could hear anything he said.

“I expect a group of interlopers to transgress within the hour. Is the Great Maze in readiness?”

“Just finished up the last one, boss.”

“And the Charnel Pits?”

“Freshly stocked with corpses from the latest raids, boss.”

“And the Burning Eyes of the Void?”


“Was just heading to polish them, boss,” Jake said quickly, gathering up his supplies. He started jogging down the staff’s bypass. “They’ll be in grand shape for your visitors.”