Out of Wine

Almost out of wine. Damn, she should have bought that extra case! If only Melissa hadn’t brought along her whole crew. She was happy to see them, but RSVP is there for a reason. Three husbands, two wives, and five adult children, all of whom drank like fishes.

Where was Jeffrey? Maybe he could slip out to the store before they closed… in fifteen minutes.

“Jeff!” Wanda cried. “Has anyone seen Jeff?” Most of the party was too engrossed to notice her tentative shouting. A good party, then, to be sure. But it wouldn’t do to let the wine run out. Fortunately, Emily noticed her look of desperation and waved Wanda toward the back patio.

Jeff was back there, as promised, talking to his newest crush and her girlfriend. Damn. Wanda really didn’t want to break that up. There was some pretty heavy flirting going on.

Emily came up behind her as she stood by the patio door.

“Is everything alright, Wanda?” her friend asked. The wine situation was quickly divulged. “Oh, I can go out and pick some up. I still owe you for the hors d’oeuvres incident, anyway.”

“Oh my god,” Wanda said. “You are such a lifesaver!” She squeezed her and gave her a definitive kiss on the cheek. Emily wriggled away.

“I should get going fast. See you in a sec!”