Angel’s Question

“Why is she mad at us, daddy?” Angel asked.

Julian bent down to look his daughter in the eyes. “She’s not mad at you, sweetie,” he said. “Mommy’s just going through some tough times right now. And you remember what I say about people having tough times?”

“We have to love them extra a lot!” Angel replied. She threw her arms around Julian’s neck and squeezed with all her five-year-old might.

“That’s right. That’s exactly right.” Julian’s smile was tempered by tears in his eyes. He was grateful Angel couldn’t see them. Hoping to clear them up before she did, he held on extra tight for near on a minute.

“What else can we do?” Angel asked, her voice now sweet and certain. “Can we help mommy?”

Julian sighed. “I don’t think we can right, now. Just love her and be extra good and pray for her. We’ll get through it just fine.” He stood and patted her shoulder. “Now go brush your teeth for bed.” Angel trotted down the hall, still her bright little self.

“We’ll get through it just fine,” Julian whispered to himself.