Spending Big

“You are pretty damn amazing,” Wallace said.

“I am aren’t I?” Karen replied. “Fifth rank right out of the gate, and me without even a single year at the Academy.”

Wallace grinned and patted Karen on the shoulder. “That’ll show all the naysayers who said you’d never even make it to seventh. I am so proud of you.”

“We need to celebrate!” Karen said. “I need some booze or I am going to bounce off the walls.”

“Readily done. Jarvis’s Taproom?”

“No, I need somewhere fancy. I’ll be raking in the coin soon enough!” She made a show of pondering, tapping her finger to her lips. “I know! We’re going to Goldwagon’s! My treat!”

Wallace whistled. “Wow. Big spender. I haven’t been there since my graduation.”

“Money is no object! Not tonight, anyway. I’ll worry about bills tomorrow, along with the hangover. For now, we drink the best!” With that, Karen began skipping – literally skipping – down the sidewalk toward her apartment. “See you there in ten!”