Chaos Reigns

Chaos reigned that day. He gets the kingdom for another week  before Order takes back over. As you can imagine, nobody knows what to expect. That’s kind of his thing. People always look forward to it for some reason. They say his sister is too boring and predictable.

The people who say this are usually the kind with way too much money and time on their hands.

Anyway, Chaos took over the kingdom. The first day the sky was rainbow and the streets were paved with chocolate, by his orders. Note that this was the middle of summer and the results were about as expected. Nobody dared grumble, though, as one never knew if today was a day of glee or terror for the Prince of Entropy.

I had the enviable position of caring after Princess Order for the week. She was always mopey the first day. Claimed a migraine and stayed the day in bed, just barking orders out the slot. I’ve been told she keeps the shutters closed and tries her best to pretend that nothing is happening.

Rude as she might be, it’s a rather simple job. Her requests are always the same, always at the same time. It’s the chaos that makes it a challenge. As it happens, though, her regular evening request is hot chocolate. Sometimes life works out.