Assassin, Part 2

Stroud slammed the report down on his desk. His clerk, startled, fled from the room.

Five red daggers in as many days. Each one left in a fresh corpse. Plenty of other bodies were littered along the trail, as well. With absolutely no trace of the killer, even with the best savants they had perusing the sites. How was it even possible?

There was no doubt the assassin had a grudge. Every victim was a member of the People’s Parliament. Lord Calembrook was even the Prime Minister’s assistant! They were out of session right now and so far Stroud’s men had kept a lid on it. But it was only a matter of time until the city heard. Who knew what chaos would erupt then?

“Captain Stroud?” came a voice from the door. “Another report for you, sir.” The clerk dropped the sealed envelope on his desk and bolted from the room. No mystery what was inside, then.

Stroud had dealt with assassins and serial killers in the past. They usually took days to set up a hit this clean. And now two in one day. He was stepping things up. Which meant Stroud had to do the same.

“Clancy!” he called to the other room. “Get in touch with Viper – er, Sir Maines, please. Tell him we have an interesting challenge for him.”