Stranger at Sea, Part 2

Nialla slammed the door behind her. Carefully, this time. She didn’t want to waste more good coin on a repair job.

This was the third tavern of the night she’d had to leave after decking someone. Sailors in port were so different. Grabby, making passes, couldn’t tell that she wanted to be left alone. Probably the alcoholic swill they all gorged on. She had never understood the desire to dull your senses to that degree.

Well, she hadn’t before, anyway. This was her third day ashore and she was beginning to understand the appeal. There was nothing to do here. She had plenty of coin, for the moment, but nothing worth spending it on. The others were wasting theirs away on rum and women and gaudy trinkets. Nialla just wanted to be back at sea.

Trudging through an alleyway, she spotted a leaflet blowing up against a wall. It looked official, with some fancy stamp across its top. Nialla snatched it up, hating to see the streets littered any more than they already were. Humans did not know how to keep up their homes. Honestly.

“A Call to All Adventurers and Sell-Swords” the leaflet announced. There was various flowery language below it. Discussions of honor and glory and rewards. Bah. Humans got caught up in so many trivial things.

But… it seemed rather urgent. Something that needed doing. Maybe even something that would let her fight for the first time in years. It would certainly beat lounging around and growing soft for the next month.