Puppy Pile, Part 2

When Robert came down the stairs, Jessica and Suzanne were comfortably nestled together on the couch, sipping at coffee and watching the snow fall through the window. He went to grab his own cup.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked. Immediately, they both smile and spread their arms out in invitation. He happily jumped between them. Carefully, of course, to avoid the spillage of precious coffee.

“So what did you think, Suzanne?” Robert asked once they were once again settled together. “I take it from conversation last night this was a sort of party first for you.”

Suzanne grinned. “This has been amazing. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a group. I certainly wouldn’t have believed you a year ago if you’d said I would be sleeping comfortably with a bunch of people. In a huge bed, no less.” She paused. “Where did you get that bed, by the way?”

“My cousin,” Jessica answered. “He works at a place that specializes in custom-made mattresses. Oddly enough, he didn’t ask why we wanted one that could comfortably fit a dozen people.”

“The harder part is the linens,” Robert added. “Those can get expensive at that size.”