House Hunting

“So why do you think this house has been in the market so long?” Amy asked. “It seems perfect.”

Kendall shrugged. “There’s all sorts of little things that can creep up. You know how it is. Something in the pipes or the wiring that shows up on inspection.”

“So what do you think?” Amy continued looking around the kitchen, running her hand along the pristine stainless steel appliances. “It’s exactly where we want it, the price is below market.”

“I guess it’s worth looking at,” Kendall replied. “I wouldn’t get my hopes up, though. It’s pretty suspicious. Also pretty odd that the real estate agent didn’t want to meet us here.”

“Is that unusual?”

“Not unheard of, but usually they want to be there to talk up the place. All the usual sales spiel.”

As hey returned to the living room, the lights suddenly went out. A subtle vibration passed through the floor.

GET OUT” a sepulcher voice said, filling the air. Glowing red spots appeared all around them, like pairs of eyes. “Leave us be.”

“Well, apparently it’s just haunted,” Kendall said.

Amy jumped and clapped her hands together. “Oh my god! It’s perfect! We have to buy it!”