House Hunting, Part 2

“Are you going out to the store?” Amy called from the bedroom. Her voice echoed strangely through the darkness that always enveloped the stairs.

“Yep,” Kendall answered. “Need anything?”

“Just more stain remover,” Amy said. “Little Becky seems to be ranting in blood on the walls again. It dripped on the carpet this time before I could clean it up.”

“Sure thing. She does seem to be getting better, though. Isn’t that the first time this month?”

“I guess so. Maybe the puppy we found in the backyard is helping cheer her up.”

“That would be great!” Kendall rattled his keys as he walked to the front door so as not to startle Goliath. For an eldritch spirit from beyond time, he was still very edgy. “Be back in a few!”

After the door slammed itself shut, Amy went about the rest of the tidying upstairs. Everyone had been pretty calm lately. Maybe it was the time of year. Amy liked to think it was their influence, bringing a little bit of peace and light to the eternally damned.

Still, there was that matter of what to do about the policeman that Reginald had gotten hold of last night. How do you coax a poultergeist out of its interdimensional prison?

Maybe she should bake some cookies.