Civilization, Part 2

I won’t go into exhaustive detail about the next few months. There was a lot to do. Various little things. Pokes here and there. Keeping someone important alive. Providing an important scientific insight or military intelligence. Every change I made I would jump forward a day, a month, a year, and a century to see the progress.

After all, I was aiming to build something to compete with civilizations that had lasted thousands of years. It didn’t hurt to be thorough. My Watch was in great shape and holding charge well, so it cost me much of anything (besides some serious time lag.)

Eventually I got to the point where I was reasonably certain it would last at least until C.E. That’s when the fun part kicked in. Just like any art project, once you have a solid base to work from you can start adding the details and flourishes. That’s the part I’m still working on.

I added a veneration of ostriches in my last pass through. Strangely enough that made the civilization last another hundred years. Seeing cause and effect through such a wide lens is a treat for a scientific mind.