Through the Fog, Part 2

“Um. Hello?” Fin replied. He looks back at Juliet, who was similarly frozen in place.

“I say,” said the fog. “Do you happen to know where we are? I seem to have gotten terribly lost.”

“We’re – uh – we’re on the peak of Kline’s Mountain. A bit east of the sea?” Fin said. “I’m not quite sure how fogs navigate themselves.”

“Fog!” the fog replied. “Well I never!” The fog jittered and made a poofy sort of ‘hmph’ sound. “That’s what I get for coming down to visit my cousins, I suppose. Trapped on a mountain and insulted, to boot. I should have just kept heading east.”

“Oh,” Juliet said. “So you’re a cloud?”

“That’s right, dear. At least one of you has eyes. I didn’t realize this peak was quite so high up. Properly stuck, now, until a proper wind comes along.” The cloud’s eyes rotated toward Juliet. “I don’t suppose you’re a weather witch?”

“Uh, no. Sorry. My auntie could conjure the air a bit, but she’s down in the valley below.”

“A shame.” The face begin to grow fainter. “I suppose I’ll find ways to entertain myself while I’m here. It’s certainly an interesting experience, having people walk through me. That’s usually reserved for birds and the odd wizard.” With that, the face disappeared completely.

“Da never warned me about that sort of thing,” Fin said. His pathetic look of apology caused Juliet to burst into laughter.

“Well, at least we can say there’s someone more lost than us!” Juliet teased.

“We’re not lost!”