Mysterious Package

“Did you see that package out on the porch?”

“Oh, yeah. I’d forgotten about that. Could you bring it in?”

“Bring it in? It’s like five feet tall and looks like it’s made from lead and gold.”

“Wait, what? I thought you meant that Amazon box.”

“No, this one showed up just at sundown. I thought it was something special you’d ordered for work.”

“It doesn’t sound familiar. Let me take a look… is it just me, or does the air around it feel cold?”

“It’s not just you. Ow! Feel that! No, don’t actually! It’s like it’s frozen.”

“I don’t see any way of opening it. And you’ve certainly put me off feeling around for a seam somewhere. What are we supposed to do with this?”

“Maybe call your uncle? He’s into this kind of weird thing, right? Maybe he sent it.”

“I guess. You’d think he’d give me some warning first. It’s one hell of a Christmas present, if that’s what he meant it to be.”

“Just give him a call. He’ll at least have some advice. He always does.”