Mysterious Package, Part 2

“Hey, Uncle Ron. How are – oh, you know what I’m calling about? Did you send it?”

“Did he?”

“No, he says he got one, too. He’s been researching it.

“Did he find anything?”

“Hey, let me talk to the man first. Yeah, okay, we saw the little symbols around the top edge. Do you want me to – okay! Okay! I won’t touch them. Just give me some idea what we’re dealing with, could you? Wait, what? No, I haven’t made any demonic pacts lately. And no, I don’t think I’ve made mortal enemies with any cults. Did anyone ever tell you you need better friends?”

“What?! Demons?”

“Shh. He’s babbling. I’m trying to make sense of it.”

“Well sorry. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here next to the demonic death box on our porch. Sandy! Stay away from that. Go inside, girl. I don’t want you getting possessed.”

“We might have some holy water around. I dunno – does that stuff expire?”

“Um. Sweetie? I think it’s opening.”

“So is Uncle Ron’s, apparently. What do we do now?”

“Run for the basement and plead ignorance?”

“Sounds solid to me.”