The new year is almost here and I feel like I should have something clever to say. I’ve been working on this project since August. Nearly five months now. I stepped up my game a little while ago and started multi-segment writing. Still, the cycle of inspiration and desperation continues. Not surprising, I guess. Even well-established professionals say that’s just part of the game. (Except maybe Asimov, but that’s kind of a special case.)

I have forgotten one day, shortly before Christmas. I made sure to write twice to make up for it. I was still a little disappointed in myself. At least I kept it moving. I don’t want the momentum to wain.

This is a time of year when a lot of people are looking forward. Making changes, trying out new ways of living. It’s never held that much significance for me. I’ve been working on that for the last few months and anticipate the next year to continue that direction.’

I’ve got great people in my life, I’m socializing more, my finances are stable, and I have at least this little creative outlet for the part of my brain that won’t shut up. For all that happened in 2016, my life has become pretty good.