Flying Brick, Part 2

“It really is a flying brick,” Hesta said. She smirked while she said it.

“Pretty much,” Dionus said. “Whoever did the design for these people should be shot. But, looks aren’t everything.”

“I know,” Hesta said. “I married you, didn’t I?”

Dionus barked a laugh. “Got me there. Although I like to think I’m a little more aesthetic than this thing.” He lightly kicked the ventral manifold housing. The impact barely even made a sound. That spoke well of some solid engineering.

“So I assume there’s some reason you decided to get it? Besides your well-known penchant for technological masochism, I mean.”

“Well, it was a great price,” Dionus replied. “Which isn’t a bad start. But when he let me look under the hood…” He shook his head. “These people really need better engineers. They had no idea what they had. I’m guessing some marketing person saw the YK Twelve label and marked it down on their little sheet. But that -” He pointed aftwards at the engine housing. “Barely qualifies anymore. It’s been modded all to hell.”

“And I guess you approve?”

“I wish I could meet the previous owner of this hunk. I only understand half of what he did. But I recognize quality work when I see it. This was no slapdash. And when I took it on a test run… phew! I had to keep it reigned in. I didn’t want the sales guy realizing. I’m betting on a mailman. Maybe even a runner.”

“So you’re thinking they ditched it when it got too hot?”

“Maybe. Registration’s all new now, though. Even so, I’ll probably have the exterior stripped and repainted. I wouldn’t run into any old enemies or suchlike.”