Let Rick Drive

I went out as Bob last night. It has been a while. I think he only came out for his birthday last year. But he was really excited about the new comic book movie, so he got to drive to see it. He ended up falling asleep half-way through, poor dear. Gertrude had to drive home.

This morning, though, is all Rick. Job interview today. Very important day. I need to be on top of things. Sharp. Focused. Charismatic. Only one option, there. Of course, Neddy volunteered, too, but she is an utter narcissist. I honestly don’t know why she’s still around.

Of course, that applies to most of us. Most of me. Most of the mes. Whatever. It doesn’t usually make sense. Except when it does. Putting on Rick for a job interview, for example. That makes sense. It’s advantageous. Avoid fear, project confidence. All the things you’re supposed to do in that situation.

But Bob? An extreme introvert. Rarely wants to do anything but hide in a room and read old comics. Neddy, as I mentioned, is utterly self-centered and not nearly as capable as she’d like everyone to think.

Gertrude is nice enough. Simple. Kindly. I guess there are things to envy about her in a world where niceties are often overlooked. She’s there when I need to take care of myself or those I love.

Introspection can be useful at times, which is where I step back in to make sense of it all. But for now, time to let Rick drive.